What we do?

Our Services


  • Standard services to consignment /all agriculture product for business enterprise engaged in activities relating to the area of quantitative
    and/or qualitative inspection
  • carries out inspections, verifications, examinations, sampling, tests, issues
    reports and/or certificates relating to the aforesaid operations by consignee
    requested particularly service on the scope of inspection


  • onboard
  • warehouse
  • container


  • Damage Survey
  • Ship Valuation Survey
  • On/Off-Hire Survey
  • Hatch Survey
  • Towing Survey
  • Containers
  • Insurance / Technical Survey
  • Stowage Arrangement / Cargo Lashing Arrangement
  • Bunker / Container Survey
  • Machinery and Plant Equipment Survey.

Insurance Survey

Inspection/ insurance survey carry out with the best of our knowledge and ability without prejudice to the interests of the parties concerned

Testing &Laboratory analysis

OMIC Myanmar   carries out analysis in accordance with the guidance / external ,/ internal training  of  OMIC Bangkok , OMIC Tokyo laboratory , HCN , Oil content , acid value moisture ,  Aflatoxin  etc….

All other items to be support  analysis  by other OMIC